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SIDING For HomeOwners

Residential Siding

established in 2000, Promar exteriors is chicagoland’s premier RESIDENTIAL SIDING REPLACEMENT company of choice. 

Promar Exteriors is a leading professional siding replacement company serving a fifty mile radius around Chicago. As a local family owned and operated business serving Chicagoland since 2000, we have served thousands of households in our local communities with integrity, professionalism, and continue to do so each and every day.

Now we know that as a consumer, there are a variety of residential siding companies to choose from and making a decision can be difficult, but we believe it doesn’t need to be that way. Promar Exteriors goes above and beyond with each project we complete- offering a personal customized experience tailored to your needs. Save the mass produced cookie-cutter sales pitch for the other siding behemoths.

Whether you’re a seasoned home owner looking to upgrade your siding, a new home owner eager to remodel, or planning on building new construction- Promar Exteriors has your back.

At Promar Exteriors, we have extensive experience installing Residential SIDING. Vinyl SIDING, CEMENT SIDING, COMPOSITE SIDING, Cedar Siding, or Aluminum Siding- we do it all!

*We do not do partial work. Quotes will be for full siding replacements *

Schedule Your Free SIDING Replacement Appointment
Call us at (630) 596-1750 or fill out the Contact Us form to request your free SIDING replacement estimate near you. We are happy to be of service.
Local, Professional, Reliable Consultation
Our trusted professional SIDING representatives are more than happy to come out to your property and create a SIDING replacement quote that will best suite your needs, your vision, and your budget.
SIDING Service Details

Once our representative receives your information, they will call you by the end of the day to schedule your free local siding replacement appointment at your home.

Every appointment Promar Exteriors makes is scheduled to your convenience and is customized to each client. We care about your project and your satisfaction.

Our representative will do all the proper measurements, show you the various manufacturers we work with, and provide you with a quote within a reasonable amount of time.

Once a contract is signed, Promar Exteriors will contact you to schedule a date for replacing and installing your new siding.

Please keep in mind that when it comes to the siding replacement industry, our scheduled dates are weather permitting. If unforeseen weather circumstances do come your way, we will reschedule for the next available time slot.

Promar Exteriors is an established leader in the field of home exterior remodeling. When it comes to siding- we know a thing or two after serving the Chicagoland community since 2000.

Our representatives are well versed and experienced with all types of siding. Their honest assessment of your siding during your consultation will be done with the utmost professionalism.

If you need to file an insurance claim, we’ll help you figure it out together. We know the weather around Chicago and the suburbs can get wild. Promar Exteriors has been working with insurance companies for a long time. We know how to help them process a claim efficiently and properly, so you’re less stressed and we get the job done right.

A General Guideline Of The Insurance Claims Process:

  • After damage has been verified, contact your agent
  • You should be contacted by the claims department by telephone or mail
  • An adjuster will be assigned to inspect and evaluate the loss
  • The claims adjuster should provide you with an itemized explanation on your claim settlement including your deductible amount and depreciation

Window consultations done by Promar Exteriors offers free insurance claims assistance. Click Here to learn more.

NOTE: All carriers have their own method of processing claims. This is just a general guideline.

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